Senate Candidate Mike Shaikh Leads in Calgary, Builds Support Across Province

(April 17, 2012)—A Return on Insight poll on Alberta’s Senate race has found Mike Shaikh is the leading candidate in Calgary. During the April 14th and 15th poll, 17 per cent of respondents said they’d vote for Shaikh, putting the Calgary candidate at least three points ahead of all other candidates.

“The results reflect the hard work our campaign team has been doing in Calgary and across the province,” Shaikh said. “I’ve been speaking with individuals and groups all over the province from Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, to Edmonton and Fort McMurray—and communities and cities in between.” Shaikh has also visited various business and community groups.

In the last week of the campaign, Shaikh’s base of support has continued to grow. On Monday at a media conference, former Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach endorsed Shaikh, saying: “As Alberta moves forward on key issues related to energy and securing markets, negotiating equalization in 2014, and expanding on the New West Partnership, we need strong elected Senators like Mike Shaikh that will represent Alberta’s regional interests.”

On Tuesday, John Dooks, president of the Calgary Police Association, also endorsed Shaikh’s campaign. Dooks said that during Shaikh’s term with the Calgary Police Commission, his “effort have resulted on more officers being added to the front lines of policing and, as a result, we are gaining ground in our war against crime and we are taking back our streets from criminals.”

Jane Halford, FCA, CEO and executive director of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, also endorsed Shaikh on Tuesday. This follows support Mike gained the past week from Calgary’s Jewish Community and numerous members of Edmonton’s Asian community.

Businessman, philanthropist and chair of Calgary Police Commission seeks election to Upper House

Mike Shaikh, a well-known Alberta businessman and philanthropist and the chair of the Calgary Police Commission, officially launched his campaign to be Alberta’s next elected Senator with events in both Calgary and Edmonton on Thursday.

As part of his Calgary launch at the Kerby Centre in the morning, Shaikh said one of his visions as Senator would be to build a National Safe Communities Program.

“We need to make wise investments in crime prevention, early intervention and education,” Shaikh said. “Getting tough on crime and building more jails is not the only answer. We need to get at the root causes of crime and violence. I’ve worked with the Alberta government on its Safe Communities Initiative and believe it’s a model that would work to make Canadians safer.”

An example of a successful Safe Communities project, Shaikh said, is the Kerby Centre’s Elder Abuse Response Team. That program is bringing police officers, social workers and nurses together to clear a backlog of elder abuse cases in Calgary.

Speaking on Thursday afternoon at the Edmonton Chinatown Multi-cultural Centre, Shaikh highlighted another key part of his platform: recognizing, rewarding and celebrating volunteerism and philanthropy.

“So much of what happens in our families and communities depends on volunteers and charities,” Shaikh said. “I believe it is essential to find ways to acknowledge their contributions.” Some of those ways, he added, could be through an initiative similar to Alberta’s Community Spirit Program. That program, launched by former Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach—who attended Shaikh’s launch—saw $80 million of matching provincial funds invested in hundred of organizations in the province.

Two of those organizations are the Chinatown Multi-cultural Centre and The Community Associations for Lasting Success. Both groups had a number of members at Thursday’s launch.

Shaikh said another top priority in his platform would be to help all Canadians understand the importance of Alberta’s energy resources to the nation.

“Our prosperity will only be assured if we have safe communities, and secure access to markets for our oil and gas,” he said.

A Calgarian for nearly 40 years and champion of higher education and community, Shaikh has sat on dozens of nonprofit and business boards. He has received both the Premier Klein Leader Service Award and the University of Calgary Distinguished Alumni MAX Award.

In addition, Shaikh supports many causes, including: the University of Calgary, People for Progress Foundation, Education Matters, Amica, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, the Chartered Accountants Education Foundation and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation. He is also a director for four public oil and gas firms and has served with the Canadian Association of Police Boards, the Kiwanis Club of Calgary, the Alberta Securities Commission and the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team.

Shaikh and his wife Linda have three daughters and three grandsons.

In February, Shaikh was one of three candidates elected by members of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta to run for election to the Senate. The Senate election will be held during the provincial election this spring.

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